Currently accepting grant applications!


Trans Love Fund is proud to announce that the grant cycle is has launched! Click here to view the application. Our FAQ can be found here. Please contact us at with any questions or concerns you may have.

Application Instructions: Process of Selection and Anonymity 

The Trans Love Fund provides funding to transgender individuals for medical care, legal processes, and basic living needs in South Carolina (not including credit card bills or loans).


Grants will be considered for individuals who are:

  • Transgender or gender non-conforming
  • Residents of South Carolina

Grant priority will be given to individuals who are living below the poverty line, uninsured, disabled, or in danger of losing vital support or safety.

At this time, the Trans Love Fund is not funding transition-related surgeries.

Examples of funding requests might include:

  • Monthly hormone treatments or injections
  • Electrolysis and other hair removal services
  • Rent money or security deposit to establish housing
  • Supplies and/or money for maintaining or gaining employment
  • Fees incurred with the process of changing one’s legal name or gender marker
  • Fees incurred from attending therapy sessions or psychiatrist visits

Trans Love Fund DOES NOT fund credit card bills or debts outside of transition-related medical care.

Grant Awards

There are no minimum awards. Grants will be disbursed based on careful review of applicant priority. Funding in future grant cycles is conditional on compliance with reporting requirements and demonstrated impact of funds.

Please note that grant money will be disbursed to service providers instead of individual applicants.

 (for Spanish applications — ¿Hablas español? Correo electrónico para obtener ayuda.)
If you have any questions or technical problems, please contact